New products for December 2020 – universal carrier and more!

I am happy to report that the lockdown has done nothing to slow the development of new products. Likewise, orders have been completely unaffected with the vast majority of parcels sent out within 24 hours.

So on with the existing stuff…

Firstly in the 1/72 range, I am pleased to announce the release of the Universal Carrier. I must admit that this little vehicle is a personal favourite, but that is probably my British bias.

This dinky little model is high in detail but easy to assemble being just 3 pieces in total (tracks + body). I can’t wait to see this painted up on the table in support of my British platoon.

But there is more. Next in the 1/72 range is the Raketenwerfer 43 Puppchen 8.8 cm anti-tank rocket launcher. The mode comes with both wheels or skis for you to build your gun to suit your battlefield. The exact same model has also been released in our new 1/56 (28mm) range.

Complete list of new releases include:

More exciting products are in the work with more details to follow shortly. Have a great Christmas.

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